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Advance Profit Payment Wakala
  • AED 250,000 Minimum Deposit
  • AED 5,625 Expected Profit (12 Months tenor)
Meet your savings goals faster with a short-term plan.
  • Fixed deposit tenure of 18 months
  • AED only
  • Minimum deposit of AED 10,000
For long-term investments that expect to pay off with higher returns and peace of mind.
  • Option to reinvest
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Minimum deposit of AED 25,000
  • Fixed deposit tenure of 5 years
Celebrate short-term goals with expected monthly profits on your deposit payment scheme.
  • Minimum deposit of AED 25,000
  • AED only
  • Monthly payments
Expect to earn high profits on investments with a deposits plan that's perfect for you.
  • Option to reinvest
  • Fixed deposit tenure of 3 years
  • Minimum deposit of AED 25,000
  • No account maintenance fees
Expect to grow your savings over a period of time with fixed monthly savings.
  • Flexible tenures
  • Minimum monthly contribution of AED 1,000
Save in USD to earn one of the highest expected profits over a flexible period.
  • Flexible deposit terms
  • Minimum deposit of USD 5,000
  • High expected profits
  • Profit pay-out on maturity
Plan your long term investments starting with AED 25000 in different tenure options for maximum profit.
  • Option to reinvest
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Minimum deposit of AED 25,000
Attractive expected profit rates combine with flexible tenures to give you the best investment opportunities.
  • Can be opened for minors
  • Multiple currencies
  • Higher profit rates