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Working at Dubai Islamic Bank

Our core objective is to support our staff in growing with the company



    To recruit, develop, reward and retain UAE Nationals.

  • Counselling, development, awareness and retention of UAE Nationals within and outside the organization which will help in driving UAE Nationals to the highest performance.
  • To recruit, develop, reward and retain excellent UAE staff through various development programs.
  • Proactively interact with external institutes and government bodies to attract UAE Nationals to the Dubai Islamic Bank workforce.
  • Identify training and development needs of UAE National employees by proactive interaction with staff and their managers.
  • Establish an effective mentoring system to guide UAE National employees in their careers and to educate them on opportunities for learning and self-development.
  • Understand, identify and address issues faced by UAE National employees through proper surveys in a timely and appropriate manner.


We believe in proactively contributing towards the professional development of UAE Nationals who in turn contribute to the social & economic development of the nation.

Our multi-pronged approach towards Emiratisation begins with strategic corporate initiatives and a commitment to propel nationalization across the industry. Dubai Islamic Bank strongly contributes towards the economic interest of the UAE by investing in and financing key projects and businesses that create greater opportunities for UAE Nationals, further strengthening the vision that qualified, skilled and competent future industry leaders are just waiting to be mentored.

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