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Prime Platinum Card

  • Road-Side Assistance
  • Credit Shield
  • Protection Plus
    On Your Card
  • AED 5,000
    Minimum Salary

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Personal Accident and Travel Insurance coverage



Roadside assistance

One additional roadside assistance will be provided on charge of Upgrade fee.

To Avail these services, please email

Enjoy automatic enrollment for DIB cardholders, free of cost. Simply Keep your card handy to avail these free services:

  1. Unlimited number of services, every time you need emergency assistance
  2. Towing
  3. Vehicle Servicing- Pick up and Drop off
  4. Vehicle Registration
  5. Battery Boost
  6. Flat tyre fixing
  7. Lock-out service
  8. Fuel assistance
  9. Off-road pull out
  10. Free International Driving License

Call Roadside Assistance on 8004101.


Credit Shield Takaful

For a fee of 0.94% of the card outstanding, the Credit Shield Takaful feature covers the unfortunate events of death, total disability or loss of employment, taking care of your card outstanding at such a time. Maximum coverage is as follows:

  1. Involuntary loss of employment - AED 30,000
  2. Permanent Total Disability - AED 200,000
  3. Death - AED 200,000.

For Group Takaful Credit Shield Protection Plan Terms and Conditions, please click here


Card Protection Plus

An optional facility that allows you to set security preferences on your card, determining the type of transactions your card can be used for along with financial limits and location restrictions.


Balance transfer facility

Avail through Online or Mobile Banking as well as through Banking Express Terminals.

Key features:

  1. 80% of the Card Limit or 100% of the available cash limit can be used
  2. You are entitled to multiple balance transfer transactions
  3. No documentation required
  4. Instant transfer directly to the other bank’s credit card (takes from 1 to 3 business days)
  5. Minimum transfer amount - AED 100, maximum amount - AED 250,000.

For Balance Transfer facility Terms and Conditions, please click here.


Cash withdrawals

Easy cash access with high cash withdrawal limits of up to 80% (of total card limit) along with a cash transfer facility between your card and Dubai Islamic Bank account.


Click here for terms and conditions.

The Card is issued for the Cardholder’s personal use only and the Cardholder is not authorised to use the Card for business or corporate purposes and/or activities. The Bank may, in its discretion, restrict, cancel the Card and/or not award Wala’a Rewards. The Bank may debit any Wala’a Rewards, if the Bank determines in its sole discretion that the Card has been used for non-personal use, fraudulent or illegal Card Transactions.

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