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Looks like you may be taking time to decide. May I help you with something?

Wala'a Dirhams is now Wala'a Rewards.
A change for the better.


Non-stop life, non-stop rewards.

Wala'a Dirhams has been enhanced to create the new Wala'a Rewards programme which works in a manner similar to the earlier Wala'a Dirhams. Now you can enjoy more opportunities to earn Wala'a Rewards on additional DIB products and services such as:

  • Credit Card Spends
  • Debit Card Spends
  • DIB Savings Account
  • Deposits
  • Wakala
  • Auto Finance
  • Home Finance
  • Bill Payments
  • International Fund Transfer


Value remains unchanged

  • The value of Wala, Dirhams vs. Wala’a Rewards.
  • 1 Wala'a Dirham = AED1 & 1 Wala'a Reward = AED 0.005.


Wala’a Dirhams balance conversion

  • Your existing Wala'a Dirhams will be converted to Wala'a Rewards.
  • Each Wala’a Dirham is equivalent to 200 Wala’a Rewards.
  • If your Wala’a Dirham balance is 50, it will now be convert as follows:

Rewards redemption

The process of redeeming Wala'a Rewards remains unchanged.

Any Questions?

How to register for Wala’a Rewards and how many Wala’a rewards do I earn on each product?
  • Step 1: Login to DIB Online Banking using your User Name and Password.
  • Step 2: Select Relationship summary menu.
  • Step 3: Select Wala'a Rewards Programme.
  • Step 4: Enroll for Wala'a Rewards Programme.