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Hedging Solutions



DIB offers an extensive suite of hedging solutions which cater to our institutional and corporate clients' needs. Our in-house expertise and coverage span various asset classes with special focus on Profit Rate, Foreign Exchange & Commodity Hedging in accordance with the priciples of Sharia.

Dubai Islamic Bank provide hedging solutions to the customer to mitigate their risks in the financial markets permitting their core business revenues to remain consistent and unaffected by market volatility. We therefore educate customers on the market risks they are exposed to and offer them Sharia compliant hedging products that protect them against such volatility and risks.



As the leading Sharia-compliant financial products provider in the market, we specialise in assisting our clients with risk management solutions. Our hands-on approach and a comprehensive set of solutions help clients in managing market uncertainity and mitigating those risks, which allows them the peace of mind to concentrate on their core business

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