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Structured Investment Solutions



Using various financial instruments DIB has developed advance capabilites to offer investment solutions to its clients. These derivative linked products and structured deposits are for customers who are looking to manage costs and returns on their liquidity by investing their money and/or through derivatives-linked strategies that are structured and documented in accordance with the principles of Sharia.



Dubai Islamic Bank has provided several Sharia-compliant investor solutions to clients, enabling them to reduce their costs as well as seek high return profile. We are currently capable of offering Yield Enhancement strategies, Cost Reduction strategies and Structured Deposits to institutional and corporate customers. Additionally, the bank also offers Structured Investment Products to its retail customers through a dedicated platform that is in accordance with the principles of Sharia.



Sharia law does not allow the use of derivatives beyond the genuine hedging requirements of clients and the Dubai Islamic Bank Treasury Department reinforces this by ensuring Sharia compliant derivative product features match clients hedging objectives on a deal-by-deal basis. These rigorous measures to determine product appropriateness and client suitability allow customers to experience high levels of continued service satisfaction and quality.

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