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Private Sector


Private Sector is mandated to cater to the banking requirements of the corporate business houses of the private sector of UAE. In Private Sector, we are equipped with an advanced and comprehensive product suite catering to the following requirements:

  1. Trade Finance
  2. Term Financing – Capex / Project Finance
  3. Foreign Exchange & Derivatives
  4. Transaction Banking / Liquidity Management and so on.

On top of customized banking solutions, our focus is to ensure smooth & efficient services to large corporates.

Our clients enjoy having a designated Relationship Team taking care of all their banking requirements.


Trade Finance

DIB has been a strong partner of its corporate clients by serving them with a wide range of trade finance products, both locally and internationally.

Today, DIB has a wide range of Sharia-compliant trade finance products compatible with internationally used standard trade finance products.



Term Financing – Capex / Project Finance

Our footprint in the area of term financing has remained very strong, with the capability of customizing each transaction according to each client’s specific requirements.

We have been one of the top players in executing large and crucial term financing deals across various business sectors, locally and internationally.



Transaction Banking / Liquidity Management

Our single point Transaction Banking platform offers accurate and efficient cash management by providing the following solutions:

  1. Online payment
  2. Online reporting
  3. Cash / Cheque collection from your designated location(s).
  4. PDC warehousing
  5. Customized cheques & MIS
  6. On-site Cash Deposit Machines

All aimed at having well-reconciled MIS and faster turnaround.

Read more in Transaction Banking section.


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