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13 November 2023

Dubai Islamic Bank Advocates for Climate Action at COP28 as an Associate Pathway Partner


  • Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) will participate in COP28 with a green-led strategy, emphasizing its pledge to sustainability and climate action.
  • With a dedicated presence in the Green Zone, DIB aims to accentuate the importance of sustainable finance and progressive business practices.

As the countdown to COP28 UAE continues, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has announced that it will participate at COP28 as an Associate Pathway Partner, demonstrating its commitment to eco-conscious initiatives and sustainable financial solutions. DIB will have a presence in the Green Zone’s Climate Finance Hub at the event.

As one of the paramount climate forums globally, endorsed by the United Nations, COP28’s hosting in the UAE underscores the country’s determination to combat climate change. DIB's presence in the Green Zone, an exclusive arena steered by the COP28 Presidency, facilitates robust interactions with a wide audience comprising the public, youth associations, academics, creatives, and the corporate realm. This association not only amplifies DIB’s sustainability initiatives but also presents a platform to foster conversations around the green transition and holistic eco-centric solutions.

The summit also provides opportunities for DIB to participate in events, showcases its commitment to mitigating and eradicating undesirable and harmful activities that can impair the global environment, and engage in talks that promote dialogue, awareness, education, and promote positive climate action. The bank’s persistent collaborations with entities like the Emirates Environmental Group, The Storey Group, Tesla, and Dubai Can, represent its strategic ambitions to become a leading sustainable financial institution in the region and beyond.

Commenting on DIB's strategic participation at COP28, Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group CEO of DIB, articulated the bank's sustainability vision:

"Our engagement with COP28 signifies the harmonization of the UAE's net-zero objectives with DIB's ESG mandates. Stepping forward as an Associate Pathway Partner, we not only validate our allegiance to the UAE's sustainable objectives but also reinforce our strategic involvement at the COP28 Climate Finance Hub. The objective is clear: to elevate our sustainable finance framework and spur meaningful dialogues with global sustainability frontrunners. This conference, in essence, drives the agenda for immediate, substantive climate action, aligning perfectly with our broader sustainability ethos."

Dr. Chilwan also highlighted the significance of the conference, adding, "COP28 provides DIB, along with its global counterparts, with an unparalleled opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to becoming net zero. By using advanced sustainable finance solutions and fostering constructive conversations, we intend to serve as a catalyst for a global green transformation."

The announcement of the bank’s participation follows a series of climate-related initiatives from DIB, including the recent commitment to plant one tree for every new account activation. This initiative represents DIB’s dedication in mitigating the effects of climate change while also fostering a customer-led community of environmentally conscious individuals.