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25 September 2023

Dubai Islamic Bank announces One Tree for Everyone


Partners with NGOs to make UAE greener.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) has today announced that it will plant one tree for every new customer who opens a DIB account. Through this novel initiative, the Bank has not only taken a decisive step towards effective climate action, it has also ensured significant and sustained impact by including its customers and fostering a community of environmentally-conscious individuals.

In the run-up to COP 28 as the UAE readies itself to host the world on one cohesive platform to plan and act on crucial climate matters, this strategic program, emerging from the innate ethos of DIB, is a testimony the bank’s ambitions of playing a leading role in the ESG space, and to make the world a better place for all. Moreover, given the overriding focus of this year, where the UAE has reaffirmed its commitment towards ESG, DIB has reenergized its charter by instilling sustainability within the core fabric of the organisation. The fundamental idea is to make banking rewarding for customers and develop a sense of responsibility within the community towards the climate and the environment.

The project will run in partnership with two leading NGOs in this domain, Emirates Environmental Group and The Storey Group, and will include both trees on land as well as mangrove forest. As part of the initiative, customers will receive specific information on the trees dedicated to them.

Speaking of the project, Dr. Adnan Chilwan, Group Chief Executive Officer at DIB, said: “The One Tree for Everyone” initiative reflects DIB’s total commitment and strategic intent towards sustainability and climate change. ESG is fully embedded in our business strategy and will effectively govern and dictate our operations going forward.

We believe that, as the largest Islamic financial institution in the UAE, and amongst the most influential around the world, our responsibility is to not just align ourselves through reducing the Group’s own carbon footprint but to also play a pivotal role in influencing, transforming and deliberately changing the way our customers and the wider community view climate action and sustainability.

The time to change is now and Dubai Islamic Bank is moving ahead on this incredible journey aligned to the UAE Net Zero 2050 agenda.” Dr. Chilwan concluded.