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05 November 2019

Dubai Islamic Bank introduces “Banking in Minutes” as it enters the next decade as a Digitally Intelligent Bank


  • DIB drives unprecedented enhancements to customer experience with “tech that helps”
  • Unique ‘Banking in Minutes’ approach shows the bank is focused on what the customers truly want
  • New non DIB customers can now establish a relationship electronically and benefit from a seamless, hassle-free, convenient and on-the-go approach to financial services

Watch Video Here

In line with country’s digitization efforts, Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the UAE’s largest Islamic Bank, has for many years been active in championing the use of technology as a means of empowering its customers and simplifying banking experience. From launching paperless branches in 2014, to the state-of-the-art Mobile App in 2015, DIB has stayed committed to its vision to be the most progressive financial institution in the world and provide the most sought after digitally enabled solutions that customers of today are seeking.

DIB’s digital approach was formulated with a clear focus on dissecting each step of the customer journey, removing the customer pain points, and executing in minutes what previously took days. The team in DIB has been working on the platform of true agility, riding on the expertise of stakeholders from across the organization and encouraging a fresh way of thinking that has seen the bank accelerate its digital transformation. At the heart of all these efforts has been the singular aim of bringing a genuine and recognizable change to the customer experience.

This seamless approach has been embedded across the bank’s portfolio. Now, UAE Nationals and residents previously not DIB customers who are considering starting a relationship with DIB can open a bank account anytime anywhere, within a few minutes via the power-packed DIB Mobile App. Customers can say goodbye to branch visits or painstaking paperwork. All they need to do is download the DIB Mobile App, scan their information using the relevant documents, take a selfie, scan their signature and their account is open. This uncomplicated, user friendly and digitally-enabled facility is a testament to DIB’s promise of providing digitally intelligent banking for existing and prospective customers. Banking that is simple, easy and done in minutes.

Additionally, prequalified credit card customers can apply and get their credit card through the DIB Mobile App, select their card limit and card category and start using the card immediately via Apple Pay –without having to wait for their physical card to be delivered. Literally in minutes.

DIB’s digitally intelligent Sales Assisted Model facilitates preapproval and documentation submission via the electronic platform with all contracts signed electronically as well. This has enabled the bank to process over 5000 personal finance applications and credit cards through their app over the last few months.

Commenting on the bank’s digital transformation strategy, Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Adnan Chilwan, said: “As the world’s first Islamic bank we were born from innovation. As disruptors, we sought to challenge the status quo, championing the needs of the market and investing in modernization in ways that utilized smart technology to deliver simpler, faster and more transparent banking. And over the last decade we have made significant investments in educating and training employees to capitalize on the opportunities available from the latest technologies. We want to simplify banking for all – our current customers have already started witnessing the benefits of DIB’s digital offerings – but now, we want to make the same available those who are yet to experience the digitally intelligent banking we have on offer. New to Bank customers will find it a breeze to bank with us as we minimize their pain points, provide faster solutions and give them Banking in Minutes.”

“Digital is more than technology”, he added. “It is a mindset and our unique digitally intelligent approach recognizes each and every step of the customer journey and uses technology to empower, educate and energise the same for a superior customer experience. Our focus has been, and will always be on delivering a comprehensive and satisfying experience where the customer is always at the forefront of all tech-enabled solutions that we are delivering and will deliver in the near future. At DIB, that is our promise to all customers”.