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Your card security features



The Chip and PIN function allows for a far more secure payment method, giving you the additional security of a four digit PIN that only you know. By entering your PIN, you also confirm to the merchant that you are the genuine Cardholder and not someone who may have obtained the card fraudulently.



  1. Step 1 - Look: You can use your chip and PIN card at any outlet where you see the Visa sign.
  2. Step 2 - Buy: Select the items you would like to purchase and proceed to the payment counter.
  3. Step 3 - Insert: The cashier will ask you to insert your Card into the terminal.
  4. Step 4 - Enter PIN Enter your PIN and wait for 'OK' to appear on the terminal screen.



When you shop online at a participating merchant, your card is automatically recognized as protected by the 'Verified by Visa' program.

  1. You will be asked to authenticate yourself using a One Time Password (OTP) sent on your mobile number registered with DIB.
  2. On entering the OTP, simply proceed to complete the transaction normally.
  3. Kindly ensure your correct mobile number is updated on the bank records. Should you require to update your mobile number, please visit your nearest branch with your Emirates ID.

Any Questions?

What does PIN mean?
PIN stands for ‘Personal Identification Number’. It is a special number unique to you that allows you to pay for purchases and conduct ATM transactions.
How do I pay for purchases?
Its really easy to use your chip and PIN Card. Simply check that the retailer accepts Visa, select the goods you want to buy and take them to the payment counter as usual. There, you will see a small device or machine with a keypad, a screen and a slot to insert your Card. To pay, simply place your Card into the slot, check the amount on the screen and then enter your PIN. Alternatively the merchant may ask for your Card and place it in the machine for you. You will be given a receipt as usual as proof of purchase.
Can I use the same PIN for purchases as well as for ATM transactions?
Yes, the same PIN may be used for purchases and also to conduct all ATM transactions.
Can I use my chip and PIN Card abroad?
Chip and PIN is quickly becoming an accepted form of payment worldwide so you are likely to be able to use it in most countries you may visit. In countries where chip and PIN is not accepted e.g. U.S.A., your Card will still work on the magnetic stripe and you will be asked to sign a receipt as proof of purchase.
What if my PIN gets locked?
If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times your Card will “be blocked”. This is to protect you in case your Card has been lost or stolen and someone else is trying to use it. To unlock your Card, you can either visit any Dubai Islamic Bank branch or call Al Islami Phone Banking on +97146092222.
Can I tell anyone my PIN?
No, your PIN keeps your account secure so you must never reveal it to anyone. To be extra safe, make sure you never write it down, and you should never reveal it when you purchase online, over the phone or by post.
Can I change my PIN?
Yes, you can change your PIN at any Dubai Islamic Bank ATM or on Al Islami Online Banking (https://online.dib.ae).

If you do change your PIN, however, please make sure it is not easy for anyone else to guess, so avoid obvious numbers like telephone numbers and birthdays or sequences like 5555 or 1234.
How can I make sure I remember my PIN?
Here are few hints and tips that may help:
  • Use a combination of a friends birthday or an anniversary so its easier to recall but hard for someone to guess
  • Remember the four digits in two lots of two digits
  • Learn the pattern the numbers make on the keypad rather than the numbers themselves.