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St. Regis


St. Regis

Book your stay at The St. Regis, Palm and get complimentary tickets to The View at The Palm. Use Promo Code - L9Z

  • AED 585++ per night.
  • Complimentary upgrade to Grand Deluxe on arrival – subject to availability.
  • Complimentary tickets to The View at The Palm.

T&C apply

  • Commissionable Rate
  • Dubai Islamic Bank Special Offer includes upgrade to Grand Deluxe Room - subject to availability on arrival.
  • Includes access to The View per person once per stay.
  • Valid between non-prime hours only:
    • *10 AM to 03:30 PM
    • *07:30 PM to Closing time
  • The timings above are subject to change.
  • Credit Card number in needed to reserve a room. 

Cancelling Reservation:

  • You may cancel your reservation for no charge before 11:59 PM local hotel time 1 day before arrival.
  • Please note that the hotel will assesses a fee of 658.13 AED if you must cancel after this deadline. If you have made a prepayment, the hotel will retain all or part of your prepayment. If not, the hotel will charge your credit card. This fee equals a room charge plus tax for all the nights of the reservation. Please note that a change in the length or dates of the reservation may result in a rate change.
  • This is a St. Regis, Palm specific offer. For more information and Terms and Conditions, please visit St. Regis, Palm’s website. DIB shall not bear any risk or responsibility of this offer.
  • DIB Cards can only be used for Sharia compliant products and services. 
  • The offer is valid for Halal Food and Drinks only.