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May 05, 15

DIB wins “Best Islamic Card” and “Best GCC Equity Fund” at Banker Middle East Product Awards 2015

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest Islamic bank in the UAE, has won the award for “Best Islamic Card” for a third consecutive year and clinched the “Best GCC Equity Fund” accolade at the Banker Middle East Product Awards 2015. ...

DIB offers UAE Nationals career opportunities in Islamic banking at the “Careers UAE 2015”

Dubai Islamic Bank, the largest Islamic Bank in the UAE, reiterates its support for...

Dubai Islamic Bank Group 1st Quarter 2015 Financial Results

Dubai Islamic Bank (DFM: DIB), the first Islamic bank in the world and the largest...

Dubai Islamic Bank wins three Islamic Finance News Deal of the Year awards

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the largest Islamic Bank in the UAE, announced today that it...


T & C

In addition to the general conditions governing the accounts with the Bank, and which are inclusive in these terms to the extent that they do not conflict with it. These terms and conditions govern all AI Islami Salary-in-Advance transactions at Dubai Islamic Bank ("The Bank").

Make available AI Islami Salary-in-Advance Facility to individuals only, who are the individual customers whose salaries are transferred to the Bank from any employer acceptable to the bank. Granting the service is subject to the Bank's terms and conditions and approval.

The customer commits to maintain the transfer of his salary to the Bank, and undertakes not to transfer it to any Bank or financial institution without written approval from the Bank.

The full Al Islami Salary-in-Advance amount will be recovered on receiving customer's salary in the Current account, provided that it does not exceed the last day of the same month or the first date of the month that follows.

Bank will charge a service fee (as notified / displayed at its branches) without considering the amount withdrawn or tenure of offering the service. The customer authorizes the Bank to debit all the Bank's outstanding against the facility and acknowledges the amount withdrawn, plus all expenses and service charges from his Current account or any of his other accounts including but not limited to Current and Savings maintained in any currency without referring to the customer or obtaining his approval. The customer's signature on this form and the conditions is a written approval from him for the same.

This application is valid to avail the service for one time only. And if customer wishes to avail the service for more than one time he should apply each time separately.

The bank will grant the customer AI Islami Salary-in-Advance service for an amount not exceeding his net salary i.e. salary after paying of other obligations from the salary amount credited to his account with the bank subject to maximum limit not exceeding the amount as notified / displayed at its branches. In case of any negative variance i.e. reduction / deduction of salary amount credit to customer's account in any month subsequent to date of facility approval, the Bank can reduce tile facility amount or drop the facility limit as its option without prior notice to the customer.

The currency of AI Islami Salary-in-Advance is Dirham, thus requesting the facility cannot be accepted on other currency, although the Bank may deduct all its rights and outstandings related to the facility account, from any of the customer's accounts (Current/Saving) in any foreign currency, provided that this amount is exchanged into Dirhams at the existing price and at the time of withdrawal.

The bank may amend these conditions including amendment of the mentioned fee in article "fifth", at any time without referring to the customer however; such amendment shall be notified / displayed at Bank's branches.

The Bank has the right to request any other guarantee in addition to the customer's transferred salary to the Bank, for granting its right in covering the facility account. The customer is bound to present the guarantee to the Bank any time even after granting him the facility.

The Bank's postponement, delay, or offering the customer time to settle or reconcile his Current account is not considered in any case a waiver of the Bank's rights to start any legal procedure against the customer. It is neither considered a waiver of its rights for the benefit of the customer. The customer is responsible for paying all legal expenses and fees, which the Bank carries as a result of the customer's breach in settling the outstanding amount of the facility.

The Signature of the customer on this form and these terms and conditions, is an acknowledgment that he has reviewed and understood these conditions and its contents and accepted the same.

These terms and conditions shall be governed and subject to the laws of United Arab Emirates and regulations of the United Arab Emirates Central Bank, which are not contradicting with Sharia principles as implemented by the Bank's Fatwa & Sharia Board under the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates Courts.

In case of inconsistency between the two texts Arabic & English, the Arabic text shall prevail to the extent that such conflict is redeemed.


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